Saturday, April 1, 2023

Jamshedpur Crime: 7 nabbed in cloth godown theft case at Jugsalai


Jamshedpur, June 24: Jugsalai police have caught a former employee of a cloth store along with six other persons in connection with a theft in Ansari Cloth store at Gauri Shanker Road in Jugsalai.
The arrested persons also include warehouse building owner Krishna Sahu and two shopkeepers who had purchased stolen clothes. Police have also recovered all the stolen clothes amounting to nearly Rs 25 lakh. 
The clothes were stolen from the warehouse of Afroz Alam Ansari which was detected through CCTV cameras. The act was committed while the godown was closed during lockdown. 
After investigation police have arrested former employee of the cloth store, Dipak Sahu, Jitender Lohar, Akshay Kumar and Suraj Singh and they confessed of selling the clothes to Niraj Kumar Singh in Galudih and Vasudev Mandal in Dhalbhumgarh, both cloth shopkeeper at respective places. 
The former employee Dipak Sahu had managed to get a duplicate of the ware house and in connivance of the warehouse building owner Krishna Sahu had committed the act. 

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