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Jamshedpur blast: 2-member NIA team collect metal fragment

Jamshedpur, August 18: A�two-member team of National Investigation Agency (NIA)�on Tuesday�carried out investigation into the blast that took place near Beldih Kalibari temple in Bistupur�on Sunday�night.�

The NIA team arrived from New Delhi via Ranchi in the Steel City at midnight�and carried out the investigation jointly with the members of Special Task Force’s bomb disposal squad and State Intelligence Bureau. Team visited the blast site and investigated the whole matter.

They also held talks with residents of nearby locations. The team recovered steel Fragment from the terrace of the Temple and took it with them.

Though the NIA officials remained tight lipped, one of the members of the STF’s bomb disposal squad said that probe by NIA will reveal the kind of IED used in the triggering the explosion so that they may detect the terrorist outfit behind the triggering the explosion.

“It is a matter of national security and we cannot reveal the details but NIA will focus on the kind of IED used in the blast. The IED used in the blast may give us a direction to detect the outfit,” said sub-inspector Ganesh Pan of STF, bomb disposal squad while talking to the media.�Pan confirmed that it was an IED that exploded behind Beldih Kalibari, but could not say anything whether it was RDX or any other IED.

“We have collected splinters, battery and several other materials for analysis.�The forensic science laboratory will help us know the kind of IED used in the blast,” said Pan.

The two NIA officials who were leading the investigation carried out an extensive probe at the blast site.�They made the STF officials to climb on the roof of the Beldih Kalibari-cum-residential complex for a search of the splinters.

The NIA officials collected over a dozen of metal pieces and splinters from the site.�Earlier during the day, a dog squad of Criminal Investigation Department also went to the site of explosion and probed the site.

Sources in the police said three persons have been picked up for interrogation by the police in connection to the�Sunday�night explosion.�A senior police official revealed that they are making all efforts to nail the culprits who triggered the blast.

Senior SP, Anoop T Mathew had informed the STF’s bomb disposal squad in Ranchi to visit the blast site.�In the afternoon, he had also intimated the NIA office in New Delhi to come and check whether it was an IED.

In the incident, a 40-year-old man, Pervez Alam sustained injuries on his stomach.�A resident of Dhatkidih B-Block, Pervez was talking to one of his friends near Beldih Kalibari as the explosion took place.�He was rushed to Tata Main Hospital emergency where he was�released after first-aid.

Notably, a powerful blast had taken place in dust-bin kept behind Beldih Kalibari at Bistupur at about�9 pm�on Sunday.�

The blast was so powerful that it ripped apart the metal dust-bin. Fortunately no one was severly injured in the incident but it shows the lacunae on the part of the protective measures taken up in areas of the city.

This also might be a precursor to the upcoming events for which both the administration and the public has to be cautious.


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