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Indian Air Force – A remarkable milestone with the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat

By Muneer Shamee

Indian Air force also known as Bharatiya Vayu Sena celebrated its 88th Air Force Day on 8th October at Hindan in Ghaziabad Air Base. Whether it’s in air or ground Indian Air Force (IAF) is remarkable for its achievement. IAF showcases it’s air strike with Dissault Rafale fighters in the Air Force Parade Day . Various fighters are included in the aerial display in the Air Force Parade with the message to enemy of innovate, integrate and intimate. Indian Air Force has developed significantly in progress and building strategic capabilities as well as it’s combatting attention. Upgrading our service system, the IAF is achieving and advancing it’s vision on Aatm Nirbhar Baharat (Self Sufficient India). Indian Air Force has been forefront of most crucial aircrafts. 

India Air Force comprises Dissault Rafale, Mikoyan MIG-29, Mokayan-Gurevich MIG-21, Sukhoi Su – 30 MKI, Jaguar and Apache. This year Rafale  fighter is the centre of attraction of India.

Dissault Rafale 

Dissault Rafale of France with the speed of 1,389 km/h with the range of 3,700 km with the weight of 9,979 kg.

Mikoyan MIG-29

Mikoyan MIG-29 from Soviet Union with the speed of 2,446 km/h of 1430 km range.

Mikoyan Gurevich MIG-21

Mikoyan Gurevich MIG-21 originated from Soviet Union with the speed of 2,229 km/h and the range of 644 km.

Sukhoi Su 30MKI

Sukhoi Su 30MKI has the top speed of 2,120 km/h with the range of 3,000 kilometres.


Jaguar from France and United Kingdom with the speed of 1,700 km/h and 3,524 range.


If we talk about Apache it is heavy weight helicopter known as flying tank, defends heavy firing, man portable defence helps in air defense penetrate. Apache is a unique helicopter with twin engine and two crew members operating with the 10,433 kg take overs. Apache can travel with the speed of 293 km/h.

During 1999 Kargil War it has been planned to perform successfully the operations at higher altitudes levels. IAF MI – 17 Aircraft has been used during Kargil War. Cheetah and Chetak helicopters are replaced by Apache. Helicopters are very useful in high and low temperate zones. LCH has a capacity in landing at Siachen Glacier, the highest fighting place. The President of India is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Air Force. The Indian Government granted the rank of Marshal of the Air Force, the first and only Five-Star Officer. In 2010, a robust digital information grid called Air Force Network that quickly responds to the threat was launched by India. Air Chief Marshal Rajesh Kumar Singh, the Chief of the Air Staff grace the occasion. India have 36 twin engine fighters plane apart from Rafale. The IAF’s entire history is dotted with remarkable milestone and include protecting India during conflict taking parts in several rescue operations. India have history of having women fighters pilots. India’s security and safety depends on the responsibilities of IAF’s hand. IAF helped in bringing back stranded Indians abroad amid Coronavirus lockdown. 

In 2016 first batch of female fighter was commissioned into Indian Army-  a milestone where women are combatting with. In 2013 IAF successfully landed the Hercules Aircraft at the height of 16614 feet. In 1999 Indian government used the Air Force to combat Kargil War called Safed Sagar and successfully flushed out infiltration flying deeply into enemy territory. In Indo-Pak war 1971 it paved the victory against Pakistan with the liberation of independent nation Bangladesh. In 1965 Indo-Pak War it also plays role in India’s victory. IAF flew deep into enemy territory and carried out brilliant raid on its air base at Peshawar. National Military Branch participated in crucial wars for country’s national security with the motto to touch the sky with glory. The Indian Air Force Day is officially celebrated in 1932. Every year on this day there is spell binding display by different aircrafts. The day marks the birth of the IAF to create awareness about the legendary Indian Air Force and it’s prolong contribution to the National security. IAF is the fourth largest Air Force in the world after the USA Air Force, Russian Air Force and China Air Force. India has about 1500 Aircrafts, One lakh Seventy Thousand Police Personnel. Previously it was called Royal India Air Force. After Independence it is known as Indian Air Force. Indian Armed force has highest honours like Param Vir Chakra. Yudh Deva Medal is conferred to the distinguished service of high order during war. Vayu Seva Medal is gallantry award for Individual courage. 

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