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How to save villages from Corona?


By Lalji Jayswal

Now, corona virus has travelled from the cities to villages. Everyone knows that India is a country of villages where the largest population of the country resides. If the village survives, only then will the country survive. Even, when there was talk of making the country self-reliance, the emphasis was on making the villages self-reliance first. But it is true that villages have always depended on cities. So, when Corona has reached village, then the question arises whether the village itself is capable of dealing with this crisis?

Today the condition of villages has become such that one can see death wandering in the streets just like this. This death is different from government data. it is not making any data. The biggest irony of the villagers is that people are not aware of corona virus and after being infected the villagers consider it as a common disease, which allows the corona time to spread easily. Eventually the person dies and the villagers do not even understand how all this happened. 

Recently, the reports of dead bodies flowing into the Ganges and Yamuna rivers are also frightening. It is a matter of wondering why such a situation is being created after all. The answer is that the people of the village are very scared because of wrong or little information, which they are reluctant to perform post-mortem rites and are immersed in ‘Ganga’, which is considered a holy river, is considered a medium of liberation. This method of theirs is wrong, and if this trend continues, a different type of epidemic can take terrible form in the country, it may endanger human and animal life again.

Here, question arises, how to save the villages from this terrible epidemic? How should the management, which affects the village the least? The top leadership of the country is constantly alerting the villages and every effort is being made to break the dormancy of the village heads, sarpanches, but there is growing concern about the local self-government’s insincerity.

First, there should be at least two ambulances in every village. So that in case of any objection, the people of the village can be taken to the hospital immediately. It is often seen that in other diseases, a person dies due to not reaching the hospital at the right time.

Second, all schools in the village should be used to house Corona patients. As in the Corona era today, all government and private schools are closed. Therefore, they should be used to build isolation wards so that the people of the village can get relief, and Anganwadi workers and Asha workers should be engaged for their care. And all the Asha workers were in contact with the doctor of a district hospital.

Thirdly, testing and vaccination will have to be intensified by setting up camps in the villages, so that the infection can be broken by the quick identification and treatment of the infected patients.

Fourth, the accountability of the village head should be fixed on how and where the amount of eight thousand crores given by the central government was used. It is also important to have an “impact audit”. Otherwise, this money will also be lost to corruption. Together, the task of sensitizing the people of the village is that of the head of the village, they should discharge their responsibilities. To save the villages from rumors, the village head should give direction to the public awareness program and prepare the public for participation.

Consequently, now in villages, it is necessary to decide the responsibility. Internet is not yet accessible in many parts of villages. In such a situation, it is true that the heads of all the villages should arrange for some oxygen concentrator in their panchayat building. Also, the treatment system that is going on in the cities should be taken to the villages. Promotion of rescue from Corona should also be vigorous, people should tell each other how to protect. However, if the people are to be saved, and the third wave has to stop coming and going into the villages then the measures mentioned will have to be worked out.

(Author is journalist, writer, columnist, blogger, physical yoga instructor and National record holder (“India book of records”2021) . The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at [email protected])

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