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Hill Top students showcase talent at ‘Annual Dance Fest 2016’

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Jamshedpur, July 17: Hill Top School organized ‘Annual Dance Fest 2016’ at the multipurpose hall of school on Saturday.

The programme began with a warm welcome by Shreya Akhauri one of Hill Top School�s students of Class XI. This competition consisted of Group Dance, Duet and Solo performances.

Themes for Duet performances were: Category 1 � Prayer, Category 2 � Monsoon, Category 3 � Semi Classical, Category 4 – Fusion. Themes for Group Dance were: Category 1 � Prayer, Category 2 � Monsoon, Category 3 � Festivals, Category 4 – Social evil. Themes for Solo performances were: Category 1 � Classical.

In Duet -Category 1 – 1st Prize Aadishree & Prapti Sarkar, 2nd Prize Ankita Ghosh & Anushka Ghosal while 3rd Prize Prachi Anugya Xalxo & Swapnil Singh.

In Category 2 – 1st Prize Anushka Uttam Shinde & Harshitha Reddy Kotam, 2nd Prize Nivedita Sen & Priyanka Chakraborty and 3rd Prize Keshvi Mehta & Tanvi Raj.

In category 3- 1st Prize Mondrita Chatterjee & Srijita Dey, 2nd Prize Poorvi Y & Varsha Mukherjee and 3rd Prize Bantupalli Yashica & Pratham Sehgal.

In category 4 – 1st Prize Swastik Shekhar Sarkar & Sneha Dey, 2nd Prize Kamna Chakraborty & Shruti Kumari, 3rd Prize Awtar Singh & Ashutosh Shinde.

Group Dance – Category 1- 1st Prize Anshita Singh & Group, 2nd Prize Someya Bharti & Group.

Category 2- 1st Prize Aakansha & Group, 2nd Prize Aditi Paul & Group, 3rd Prize Akshit Singh & Group, Category 3- 1st Prize S Akash Savvana & Group, 2nd Prize Navya Arawindan & Group, 3rd Prize Ayushka & Group , Category 4- 1st Prize Swastik Shekhar Sarkar & Group, 2nd Prize Shriya Shrivastava & Group.

In Solo- Category 1- 1st Prize Tarun Kumar Gautam, 2nd Prize Awtar Singh and 3rd Prize Ashutosh Shinde. This was followed by prize distribution.

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