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Hill Top students’ display their oratory skills


Jamshedpur: Hill Top School organised annual choral recitation for the students of Pre Primary (Nursery, LKG, UKG) in the school premises. The students were well prepared with their English and Hindi poems. Some of the topics that were covered by the students were on nature, safety, mother’s love and simple joys of life.

In the English category- 1st place was bagged by LKG – D (Poem- Safety First), 2nd place was bagged by LKG –C (Poem – Smile is Infectious), in classes UKG, the winners were UKG –D (Poem – Oh! Look at the Moon), the runners up were UKG –A (Poem – The Quarrel).

In the Hindi Category-1st place was secured by the students of LKG –A (Poem – Bharat Swachh Banayenge), 2nd place was bagged by the students of LKG- B (Poem – Inse Sikho). In classes UKG, the winners were UKG D (Poem – Mummy) and the Runners Up were UKG B (Poem –Halla Gulla).

For the primary segment, annual choral recitation competition was held on 18th January 2019 for Classes 1 to 4. In Class 1 in the English Category, Class 1B was declared the winner with their poem “Today is a Holiday.” This poem expresses the importance of a holiday both by elders and students.

In Class 2, 2B was the winner. They recited a poem – “Mumbo Jumbo”. It’s a poem on the feelings of possessing a pet elephant as they enjoy its company.

In Class 3, 3D stood first. The poem expresses how a mother is so precious to her child. Her love is immeasurable. The poem is “My Mum Is An Alien”.

In Class 4, 4D secured the first place with the poem “Buying an hour of Daddy’s Time”. Parents are so busy today that they do not get enough time to spend with those really matter to them.

In Hindi Choral Recitation- 1D secured the 1st place for the poem “Pyaari Naani”, 2A stood first for “Dadaji ka daant”, 3D was awarded the 1st place – “Suitcase Mein Pataka”, 4D stood first for “Kadam Ka Pedh”.

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