Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Gua sail mines awarded five prizes at Safety Week

Noamundi, Dec 2: Gua SAIL mines gained a reputation of a mechanized mine. Like every year, the 51thtttttthhhhh th Mines Safety Week district’s programme was held at Chaibasa, Gua sail was awarded in five categories.

In the final week of the safety week at Jinkpani Ashok Kumar Verma Gua sail GM received the awards from Rahul Guha DGMS.

Ashok Kumar Verma, received first prize for explosive handling and four other prizes for Publicity and Propaganda, general working, overall performance and best workshop facility. Gua sail mines inspection took place on 25thttttjjjjth November and on 28 November while Gua Propaganda final public event was held in Gua.

During Gua SAIL mines inspection at the Trade Test in Drill operator first prize and in electrician second prize was awarded.

Ashok Kumar Verma general manager attributes the success of Gua sail is the success of workers and officials.
He told that in coming future safety will also be continue with worker with full discipline.

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