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Grand convocation of Kudmi Samaj for inclusion in ST list 


Rail roko stir, assembly gherao agitation planned 

Seraikela, November 30: A grand convocation of Kudmi Samaj was organised under the chairmanship of Manohar Mahato, on Wednesday at Badakankada Maidan in Seraikela, demanding the inclusion of Kudmi caste in the list of Scheduled Tribe.

 After the program, a delegation of the Samaj submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner of the district addressed to the Governor regarding the inclusion of the Kudmi caste in the list of STs as soon as possible.

Hundreds of Kudmi community people of the district raised issue of their rights and entitlements under ST category. The chief guest of the program, Mulkhunti Mulmanta Ajit Prasad Mahato of tribal Kudmi Samaj, the leader of Rail Roko Andolan, said that Kudmi Samaj is making the society aware by conducting mass movement in the fight for its existence. The aim of our movement is to list the Kudmi community in the Scheduled Tribe, to include Kudmali language in the Eighth Schedule and to implement the Sarna Dharma Code.

In order to take the movement of Jharkhand and Odisha to its peak, it was told that on January 10, a conference will be organized at the block level, on March 12 at the district level. There will be a program of assembly gherao in the summer session, despite this, if the Kudmi caste is not included in the ST list, from 20 September 2023, there will be an indefinite economic blockade and rail stop program in the states of Jharkhand and Odisha.

Former MLA in erstwhile Bihar Surya Singh Besra said that the one who talks about Kudmi interest will rule Jharkhand.

“Jharkhand cannot get tribal state status without making Kudmi tribal because 26 percent of the state is tribal and by giving tribal status to Kudmi it will be around 50 percent. This will pave the way for Jharkhand to get the status of tribal state,” said Besra.

 Giving the slogan of Majhi-Mahto Bhai-Bhai, Besra said that the Kudmi caste has played an important role in the state building. Besra said that on November 23, 2004, the Arjun Munda government had recommended the inclusion of the Kudmi tribe in the Scheduled Tribes. Presently Arjun Munda himself is the Minister of Tribal Ministry in the Central Government. Recently, he gave Scheduled Tribe status to 12 tribes including his Tamadia but has left the Kudmi tribe.

Gomia MLA Lambodar Mahato said that the demand for listing of Kudmi tribe in Scheduled Tribe is not new. This demand has been going on since long and Ajsu will continue to raise voice even in the future whether it is assembly or public meeting.

Former Jamshedpur MP Shailendra Mahato said that before 1950, the totemic Kudmi tribe of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Assam was listed in the primitive tribes before the country’s independence, but when the list of Scheduled Tribes was prepared, only Kudmi was excluded. Except all the primitive tribes were listed in the list of Scheduled Tribes. Since then, the Kudmi tribe has been agitating continuously for 72 years to be listed in the ST list. It is the fundamental duty of our society to restore it.

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