Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Goddess Kullu Rani’s birthday celebrated with fervour


Jamshedpur: City’s religious organisation Atiuttam Shakti Parivar hosted three-day birthday celebration of Raje Rajeshwari Raj Kumari Maa Atiutameshwari Kullu Rani from 3 to 5 September in Harharguttu with fervour.

Like every year, the darbar of goddess was decorated. Founder devotee of the darbar Raja Surya Dev Uttam Param Hans performed the rituals after which the religious programme commenced on September 3rd morning.

Thereafter the priest performed the rituals amid the presence of devotees since morning till late night. On Monday evening, cake cutting ceremony was held in presence of devotees after which bhog will be distributed. Goddess was also offered bhog of 63 types which was made by the devotees at their homes. Balloons were also released on the occasion and prayers were offered for world peace.

On day 3 of the religious programme on Wednesday, September 5 which is also celebrated as teachers’ day, student presented gifts to their teachers. It may be noted that on 13th January birthday of Mata Roopi and nine months later birthday celebration of Kullu Rani is held on September 3.

To make the religious event successful Kaushalya Devi, Radha Munni Dadi, Kullu Rani, Biru Devi, Nirmala Devi, Divyanshi, Rustom Kumar, Sangeeta, Priya, Jaimuni, Suman, Priya, Ram, Beem Sen, Goutam, Santosh, Manoj, Kishan, Noori, Goutam, Rajesh, Sanjeev, Reena, Vikas, Priya, Rooplal and others provided full support.

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