Thursday, March 23, 2023

Geeta Theatre presents Nukkad Natak on road safety


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Jamshedpur, March 12: Popular drama group, Geeta Theatre, performed a street-corner play (Nukkad Natak) entitled, ‘Jimmewar Nagrik’ (responsible citizen) among Timken Company employees as a part of the road safety campaign.

The street corner play was replete with songs, dances and brilliant performances by all the actors. The dialogues were meaningfully written and delivered to capture the audiences’ attention and consideration. The impact of the play was such that people among the audience were spotted in groups discussing the positive message of ‘Jimmewar Nagrik’ presented by the troupe of Geeta Theatre. Narrator pair (Nat and Nati) played by Prem and Geeta Dixit who double up as a truck driver and a vegetable vendor respectively, initiates momentum in the play right from the word ‘go’ with their exquisite style of dialogue delivery and well rehearsed body language. Shyamali Dey and Sameer Nandan as officers, Dilip as the handyman, Tushar Karan as the guard and Abhiranjan Kumar and Kishore Pandey as the two commoners portrayed their respective characters with verve leaving no room for ennui among the eager audience.

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