Thursday, December 7, 2023

Gambhir joins farmer’s protest near Delhi border

Jamshedpur : President of All India Sikh Students Federation Eastern India Unit Satnam Singh Gambhir joined the farmers who are protesting near Delhi Sindhu border in protest against Agriculture Bills. The social activist reached the protest site on Wednesday and raised voice in support of farmers.

Addressing the gathering, he said that the framers of the country cannot become a pawn. They have come to the streets to get their rights. He assured the farmers that the people of the whole country and the world are with them.

“ It is really sad that the government wants to demolish the government procurement system of Punjab and Haryana to benefit its capitalists. According to him, farmers from Bihar and Jharkhand have suffered a loss of Rs 1000 per quintal in order to sell the corn crop. There is no friendly leader of farmers in Bihar Jharkhand, this is the reason why the voice of the farmer there is not being heard,” said Gambhir.

He has appealed to the central government to shun arrogant posture and listen to the farmers of the country. He appealed to the President to direct the government that by convening a joint session of Parliament, the amended Agricultural law be removed.

“ If the government really wants the welfare of the farmers, then it should give legal implementation to the MSP (Minimum Support Price). Stringent legal action should be made against merchants who purchase below MSP,” he said.

Gambhir said that his organisation and the youth of the country are standing with the farmers. Due to the Green Revolution and farmers, the country has become self-sufficient in the matter of food and it does not have to spread its hand to the western countries. If the farmers had to face the opposite situation, then the people of the country should understand. The bad time for the people of the country will start and then the country will have to stand in front of America, Canada and Australia for food grains.

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