Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ex-Ranji player blames JSCA for not giving match fee

Jamshedpur, May 14: Taking a dig at Amitabh Choudhary led Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) for not giving the match fee to the players of various age group matches, Jittu Patel, former Ranji Player, today termed the act of JSCA as appalling.

ďPlayers have still not received the match fee of this season which amounts to Rs 500 as daily allowance for matches played at outstations while Rs 400 has to be paid to a player when he is playing in the State.

Players do a lot of hard work in the field and some of them are dependent on the match fee to run their house hold expenses and there has been reports that the JSCA officials have made the players sign the money receipt and have not provided them with the feeĒ, said Jittu talking to the media persons on Thursday.

Raising several questions at the governing body of JSCA, Jittu Patel said, ďBCCI reimburses the match fee of the players to the state association after they send the details of the payment along with the players signatures to the BCCI office but the issue here is very large because BCCI, cricketís richest body reimburses the money within time frame so where the money has gone?Ē, lamented Jittu.

Former Cricketer further informed that BCCI from its own level grants crores of money in form of TV Rights, Corpus fund etc but still JSCA pays such little amount to the hard working players.

ďJSCA President is now also the Joint Secretary of BCCI but still he is misusing the power and with the issue related to the match fee of players this could take an ugly turn.

If the state board has received the money from the BCCI then for what they are waiting to give it to the playersĒ, Jittu Patel signed off.

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