Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Electrician corona infected, Adityapur Ward 18, Road 9 sealed

Mail News Service
Jamshedpur, July 17: Road # 9 of Ward 18 under Adityapur Municipal Corporation has been sealed after a resident of the area, an electrician by trade, was detected COVID-19 positive. According to reports the person had been ailing for quite some time. However, he did not have any coronavirus positive symptoms. He was admitted to Tata Main Hospital for treatment. His swab was taken for tests and the result was found to be corona positive. He was immediately shifted to the COVID Ward of the Hospital.
Being a resident of Road no 9 of Ward 18, the entire road has been sealed and marked Containment Zone by the Adityapur Municipal Corporation authorities. The residents have been advised not to venture out of their homes to prevent getting infected and infecting others. None of the residents will be allowed to leave the Containment Zone and neither would anyone be allowed to enter the locality. The infected resident of Road # 9 had reportedly received blood transfusion at a private nursing home prior to his admission to TMH.
Ward Parshad Ranjan Kumar Singh, taking all precautionary measures, moved along Road # 9 of Ward 18 urging the residents to follow all protective protocols and stay at home as their colony had been declared a Containment Zone. He told them that the area being sealed off was in their and the community´┐Żs best interests.

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