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Dr Nagendra Singh of Jamshedpur: Living by the Hippocratic Oath

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Jamshedpur, Dec 10: “I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant, I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.”  — Hippocratic Oath (Modern)

This is the oath medics take while stepping out into the world to render dedicated, caring and honest healing services to all, at any time, any place. One known surgeon who abides by the Hippocratic Oath is Dr Nagendra Singh who, at his Ganga Memorial Hospital on Dimna Road in Mango, has served suffering mankind through a career spanning well over three emphatic decades. His compassion and acumen are almost mythical stories and his true grit and dedication came to the fore during the COVID-19 phase when poor and needy patients had been turned away from hospitals and nursing homes to suffer their physical pains until they knocked on the doors of Ganga Memorial Hospital. Dr Nagendra Singh received them like Angel Gabriel and ensured their treatment, successful relief and post care without charging a nickel. Most cases required emergency, complicated and life-saving surgery but Dr Nagendra Singh and his equally dedicated team ensured that the patients lived a long, health life. Enumerating the number of cases that this unique medic has cured and received millions of blessings would be a Herculean task unable to be contained even in the thickest of journals but a few would reflect the mettle and spirit that drives this man, this messiah.

Daily wager Suru Hari rode 100 kilometers from Purulia with his ailing wife and small daughter on a rented bicycle to Jamshedpur during the lockdown period to provide medical; relief to his wife in the height of agony. Hospitals and nursing homes in Purulia and Jamshedpur turned them away either because of coronavirus infection fears or because the family had no money to bear the expenses. 

Suru somehow came to learn about Ganga Memorial Hospital.  Dr Nagendra Singh’s reassuring response saw to Suru’s wife’s admission, medication and then the all important surgery. His wife had a precarious intestinal rupture which was repaired after meticulous surgery. After recuperating in the Hospital, Suru left with his satisfied and overjoyed family in a vehicle arranged by the Hospital. Dr Singh gave them cash, a brand new bicycle for Suru which he received from the hands of MLA Saryu Roy. Their gratitude poured forth from their tears that rolled down unchecked from their eyes.

Pouring over the medical magic ensured by Dr Nagendra Singh, one finds it difficult to pick and chose for mention in these columns. During the lockdown phase, 45 dialysis patients underwent this intricate kidney profile free of cost. The Prime Minister’s Ayushman Bharat Yojna which was launched for the poor and BPL people on September 22, 2018, commenced in Jharkhand and on the very first day, 16 surgeries were performed at the Ganga Memorial Hospital. Within a span of 45 days, the hospital performed a record number of 165 operations under the scheme.  While glancing over the records, the preening eyes stop on the name of Bharagorfa resident, the 60 years old Dasi Karmakar. She had a large tumor in her abdomen and assorted medication had only worsened her condition. The only option left for her was surgical attention — the sooner the better. She sought treatment at government and private hospitals but as in the case of other helpless sufferers of physical pangs, Dasi Karmakar’s feet pointed towards Ganga Memorial Hospital. The rest was history. Dr Singh and his team of medics successfully operated on her and extracted a tumor weighing 40 kilograms. She recouped in the hospital for 20 days after which the benevolent doctor sent her back in an ambulance. As usual, all expenses including her food, stay and medical costs were borne by the hospital.

The list is endless. It is indeed reassuring to know that there is a messiah who stands by the poor to provide all medical assistance, any time, any day. The name is Dr Nagendra ‘Messiah’ Singh.

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