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Diwali celebrated with enormous enthusiasm in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, Oct 25: After a gap of two years due to pandemic, Diwali was celebrated with enormous enthusiasm and traditional fervour here on Monday. With the dusk setting in, the city was illuminated with decorated diyas. 

As glittering lights and diyas decorated houses, business establishments and high rise buildings in the evening, denizens enjoyed fireworks with immense enthusiasm. Roads, lanes and by-lanes echoed with the sound of crackers and other fireworks. Bike riders faced a lot of problems on roads while going from one place to another due to fireworks.

The night was lit up with fireworks and bursting of firecrackers continued well past midnight. However, the piles of waste in and around the city only go to show how much people are concerned about protecting the environment. People celebrated the festival with fervour and gaiety in the city and burst crackers the whole night.

This year too there was no decline in the use of crackers and traders were seen cashing on even till late night. The police failed to stop the sale of crackers in the residential areas.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the local office of the Pollution Control Board said that the air pollution level in the city had increased many times after last night’s Diwali celebrations. “Since last night, the night pollution level in Jamshedpur has increased many times and huge amounts of toxic gases released by crackers have added to the pollution in the city,” said an official.

Various colonies predominantly inhabited by non-locals were decorated with colourful lights. Adults and children were seen lighting candles, diyas in their homes already illuminated by electric décor. The festival revelers also uninhibitedly burst firecrackers along the roads and lanes in their colonies.

The senior pollution control board official went on to say that a team from the regional office already took readings of the ambient air quality from the monitoring stations at Bistupur, Golmuri and Adityapur yesterday. “ The readings of noise pollution and ambient air quality will be compiled after the festival. The survey reports would be sent to the Central Pollution Control Board ( CPCB),” he said.

According to CPCB guidelines, in commercial areas, the noise limit cannot exceed 65db between 6am and 9pm, and 55db between 10 pm and 2pm. In silence zones, the specified decibel limit between 6am and 9pm is 50 decibels, and it is 40 decibels from 10pm to 2pm.

According to information, a few places in Baridih, Telco, Gamharia, Sonari and Mango have been newly identified for their inclusion in the noise level monitoring list. Though, the traditional strategic points i.e. areas near hospitals and nursing homes will continue to be on top of the said list.

Measurement of noise and air pollution levels by JSPCB regional offices will be tabled and sent to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The JSPCB will adhere strictly to central norms based on Environment Protection Act (1986), which says anybody found bursting crackers between 10pm and 6am or within a 100m radius from silence zones is liable to prosecution.

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