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DC calls for progress in agriculture and allied schemes in Jamshedpur


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Jamshedpur, May 24: A comprehensive review meeting of various agriculture and allied departmental schemes was recently conducted by Deputy Commissioner Vijaya Jadhav in Jamshedpur. The meeting aimed to assess the progress and provide necessary instructions to officials for the successful implementation of schemes in the region.

During the meeting, particular emphasis was placed on advancing the Jharkhand Agricultural Loan Waiver Scheme of the Horticulture Department, Fisheries Department, Animal Husbandry Department, Cow Development Department, Cooperative Department, and seed distribution under the Agriculture Department. Deputy Commissioner Jadhav urged officials to work diligently to ensure that these schemes reach and benefit the farmers effectively.

In order to raise awareness about the importance of millets, Deputy Commissioner Jadhav directed the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) to organize a Millet Festival in June. Accordingly, the festival is scheduled to be held on June 5, 2023. This initiative aims to educate and promote the cultivation and consumption of millets among the local population.

During the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner also sought information from the District Horticulture Officer regarding the beneficiaries of flower cultivation under the Horticulture Development Scheme. Specifically, Jadhav inquired about the quantity of flowers produced by these beneficiary farmers. However, due to the District Horticulture Officer’s unsatisfactory response regarding production figures, the Deputy Commissioner expressed her displeasure. She further instructed the officer to ensure regular visits to the area to ensure the effective implementation of schemes and maximum benefits to the farmers.

In a separate directive, the District Fisheries Officer was instructed to establish communication with JUSCO for the provision of electricity connection at the newly constructed retail fish sales center in Dhatkidih, Kadma. The Deputy Commissioner expressed apologies for the delay in obtaining the electricity connection and urged prompt action to ensure the timely commencement of the retail fish sales center.

Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the need to comprehensively extend the benefits of animal husbandry schemes to the residents of the district. The District Animal Husbandry Officer was directed to connect beneficiaries who have constructed sheds under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) to animal husbandry initiatives. This integrated approach aims to optimize the impact of both schemes and enhance the livelihoods of the beneficiaries.

The District Cooperative Officer was also tasked with conducting public awareness campaigns to inform the public about the distribution of Kharif seeds and encourage their participation in the scheme. The meeting witnessed the presence of several key officials, including the District Agriculture Officer, District Soil Conservation Officer, District Horticulture Officer, District Cooperative Officer, District Animal Husbandry Officer, District Cow Development Officer, Leading District Manager, and the Marketing Secretaries of Chakulia Bazar Committee and Jamshedpur Bazar Committee.

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