Thursday, October 6, 2022

Cyclone Jawad weakens, Mercury to dip further in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Dec 6: After showing an upward trend for the past days, mercury is taking a nosedive as people woke up to a cold morning after a few days of welcome warmth. The Weatherman has predicted mainly clear sky for tomorrow with fog in the morning. Minimum temperatures, after showing an upward trend for the past few days, dropped in various parts of the state too.

Meanwhile, cyclonic storm Jawad has weakened and shifted to neighbouring Bengal resulting in the rain in some areas. The clouds over Jharkhand got partially cleared as the Sun came out.

Weathermen said as the cyclone weakened night readings would witness an abrupt fall bringing back the chill. Crisp and chilled nor’westerly wind was expected to dominate over Jharkhand after the next 24 hours.

The cyclone over west-central Bay of Bengal moved northeastwards with a speed of 18 kmph and lay centered over the northwest Bay of Bengal. It is likely to continue to move north eastwards along the West Bengal coast and further  weaken into a well-marked low-pressure today.

Weathermen said that the minimum readings will be around a feverish 13 degrees Celsius across the state in the next 24- hours, due to favourable wind patterns and plummeting relative humidity. Sharp gusts of the north-westerly, coupled with a high-pressure gradient, dragged down minimum temperatures across the state today.

“Jharkhand is in the grip of a high-pressure belt, which will cause a plunge in minimum readings. The weather condition is likely to continue for another 24- hours,” an official of Ranchi Meteorological Centre.

The high-pressure belt is a system in which wind moves from a high pressure zone to low-pressure region, thus bringing down the relative humidity, which, in turn, causes temperatures to drop.

The official said that the high-pressure belt is persisting in entire Central India and this has impacted the weather conditions of Jharkhand along with other neighbouring states like West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

“The cold wind from the North will continue to blow till the time the high-pressure belt persists. The north-westerly wind which is prevailing over Jharkhand will prompt night temperatures to dip by at least two degrees in the next 24-hours. The downward trend is expected to continue for the next couple of days,” said the official.

The senior Met official said that the minimum temperatures will again witness a slight rise after the next couple of days before taking a plunge again. ” Winter is expected to be severe in the second week when the minimum temperatures would drop to seven degrees Celsius in Ranchi and several other districts which are located on higher altitudes,” he said.

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