Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Congress to agitate if outsiders given job in Jharkhand: Dr. Ajay Kumar

Chaibasa, Sept 13: Observing 125th anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, congress party organised One Day camp for party activists at congress Bhavan Chaibasa on Sunday .

Chief Guest for the event was National Secretary and Jharkhand In-Charge of Congress, Tarachand Bhogora who paid floral tribute to the portrait of Nehru.

Addressing the gathering Secretary slammed the present NDA government for demeaning congress and distorting the history. He added that it was Nehru who led the formation of constitution with spirit to equal justice and equal rights to the people.

But the present Government wants to take away the rights and transfer in to the hand of corporate. Guest of Honour National spokesperson of Congress, Dr. Ajay Kumar ironically criticised the NDA Government for distorting the history of India, while citing the example he said that Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel was a member of Congress party.

Now BJP claims and amassed billion tons of Iron in the name of Patel’s statue. Congress party believes in development of all in judicious manner.

The great leaders of freedom movement who made a provision for SC/ST reservation system for the poor section of the society and empowerment of women by providing them the rights of vote under the guidance of Pandit Nehru. Now the RSS is conspiring from the back doors to withdraw the reservation to SC/ST.

He blamed that NDA is anti-poor and anti SC/ST government. In Rajashtan BJP Government privatised the public distribution system to Adani Group. Hence one can imagine as to what extent the NDA government favours the corporates houses at the cost of the poor people.

The BJP wants to take away the fundamental rights of the people. He added that the slogan of Mr Modi Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas has proved as big bluff to the nation.

Dr Ajay warned the Chief Minister of Jharkhand that in recruitment of employment in Jharkhand no outsourcing would be allowed only the local people of that district will be employed in class III and IVth category of Job. If outsiders are given the opportunity then the congress party will go for strong agitation against the government.

He strongly condemned that RSS who never hoisted a national flag in its party headquarter at Nagpur, now the RSS pretends as the most patriotic organisation. It is the hypocrisy of RSS. He reemphasised that our party believes in the judicious progress of all.

It was Nehru who gave the equal right and equal justice to all in the form of voting rights respective of cast, creed colour, religion, rich and poor.

Nehru’s temple was Bakhra Nagar Dam, IIT and other economic sector whereas BJP is after building religious temples.

The Congress party believes in equality, democracy, sovereignty, secularism and socialism. On the occasion former MP Bagun Sumbrai, District President Sunny Sinku, Binod Kespotta , Ananda Bihari Dubey including a large number of party activists were present.

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