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Cold wave persists in Jamshedpur, city records 8 degrees

Jamshedpur, Dec 22: Jharkhand is in the grip of intense cold. Mercury plummets to five degrees in Ranchi while minimum in Jamshedpur notched eight degrees as cold wave conditions persist.

The cold wave which was sweeping across the state for the last five-days was extended for another 48-hours.

The Patna Meteorological Office was prompted to extend the cold wave warning today as the minimum temperature at several places was recorded at five degrees below normal. A few places including Hazaribagh, Daltonganj and Jamshedpur were experiencing severe cold wave conditions as the mercury nose-dived seven points below normal.

” Cold wave conditions would continue to prevail over the state in the next two-days resulting in a Celsius drop, ” said the officiating director of the Patna Meteorological Office.   According to Patil, the weather chart analysis revealed formation of atmospheric circulations over the west Bay of Bengal , which he said would only go on to increase the wind speed in the next one or two days. 

The Regional Meteorological Centre at Alipore in Calcutta also signaled no reprieve from the biting cold. ” Cold wave conditions would continue to dominate over Jharkhand in the next 48-hours. Severe cold waves would prevail in hilly terrains and plateau regions for the next couple of days,” said an official of the Alipore Met Centre.

Weathermen also hinted at an extended winter in Jharkhand keeping in view the prevailing weather conditions. ” Never before has the cold wave spell continued for such a long time in the state, which is an indication of extended weather. Moreover, the wind pattern which is north westerly in direction is also helping in sustaining the cold wave conditions,” explained a senior meteorologist at the Patna Met Office.

The officials said that similar conditions will continue to prevail in the city in the coming days. The poor people on the streets have been the worst hit by the cold wave. Footpath dwellers and the poor were seen clustering around bonfires lit from dry woods, using tyres and even garbage to beat the cold.

 “Though the slender sunshine gave respite in the afternoon but the cool breeze gave chilling experience. Nights are becoming unbearable,” said an official.

Weatherman forecast that there will be no respite from the cold in the coming days. Significantly, both minimum and maximum temperatures were below normal all over the State.

 Data available from the Patna Meteorological Office said that most parts of the state, including Jamshedpur, Ranchi and Daltonganj, were suffering with temperatures below normal.

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