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CII-YI awareness campaign on child sexual abuse today


Jamshedpur, Nov. 19: On the occasion of Universal Children’s�Right�s Day on�November 20, the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in association with Young Indians (YI) and Jusco will spread awareness about the issues related to child�sexual abuses. The public awareness campaign by Young Indians is being supported by the Zimmedaar Nagrik Zimmedaar Shaher movement initiated by Jusco.�

Vandana Mathur will be the chief patron at the event. Other officials from Jusco including Mr. Ashish Mathur, manging director, Mr. A P Singh, Ethics Committee, Captain Mishra, Mr. Kamath and Ms. Sukanya Das will lend their support.

Children suffering abuse from persons close to them undergo immense mental trauma as well. This issue is plaguing the world of children. According to available statistics, 53 % children – both boys and girls alike, are victims to some form of child sexual abuse or the other ; that is almost one in two children.

The public awareness event will involve candle lighting and a prayer service on Friday evening in the honour and memory of all the children who suffer from psychological damage and physical trauma due to sexual abuse. The events will be organized on the ground near the Keenan and JRD stadiums.

Currently, the �Masoom� vertical under the CII-YI banner is also engaged in a school campaign in association with Childline, where children are being educated about �safe touch� and �unsafe touch.� They are also being taught ways to keep themselves safe, thus empowering them.

Young Indians � Team Masoom would be generating awareness about the existence of child sexual abuse and giving tips to parents to help keep their children safe.

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