Sunday, April 2, 2023

Chhath shopping: Dimna Road in Mango goes chock-a-block


Jamshedpur: Commuters on the Dimna Road in Mango faced tough time because of traffic jam caused by vendors putting up temporary shops in view of Chhath. The jam which began at around 10.30 am continued for over two hours resulting in inconvenience for commuters.

The vendors selling various ingredients for the festival including fruits and other puja paraphernalia had blocked the busy artery. Several social outfits also put up tents at the Mango Chowk for distributing fruits and other puja ingredients to the devotees. This too resulted in traffic snarls.

Vivekanand Thakur, the traffif DSP of East Singhbhum said that the traffic load automatically increases during the festival especially Chhath. ” The problem gets compounded because of the temporary shops put by road-side vendors. This is a regular practise and we cannot help as religious sentiments is attached with the festival.

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