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Chamber delegation inspects Jugsalai ROB, demands foot overbridge 


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Jamshedpur, Feb 5: Following problems being faced by commuters with closure of Jugsalai railway crossing gate, a delegation of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce Industry today inspected Jugsalai Railway Overbridge (ROB) under the leadership of Chamber President Vijay Anand Moonka.

On the occasion, Vijay Anand Moonka said that today’s visit was regarding the problems being faced by the residents and businessmen of Jugsalai. He expressed happiness over the completion of the Jugsalai Railway Overbridge, and said that it is a matter of great joy and pride for the general public as well as for the Singhbhum Chamber, but still many works are yet to be done- such as construction of speed breakers, removal of iron rods near railway gate causing damage to people’s vehicles, road repair work, arrangement of parking, construction of foot over bridge or underpass underbridge for people, in ROB Arrangement of street lights as well as beautification is essential.

He said that the over bridge is about 1.2 kilometer long and is also curved, there is no provision of street light in such a big over bridge, without street light it is dangerous to walk on the bridge at night. He said that due to the high height of the bridge, mesh should be installed on both sides of the bridge from the point of view of security. The railway gate has been closed as soon as the over bridge starts, due to which the pedestrians have to travel an extra distance of about 1.25 kilometres, for their convenience demanded a foot overbridge or an alternative route.

Rail overbridge (towards Jugsalai) There should be proper parking arrangement on the empty space on both sides of the bridge.

Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Vijay Anand Moonka, Honorary General Secretary Manav Kedia, Treasurer Kishore Golcha, Satyanarayan Agarwal Munna, Lippu Sharma, Rajesh Jaishuka, Pawan Sharma, Manoj Goyal, Anant Mohanka, Rajeev Agarwal etc. were included in today’s visit. The construction of road over bridge (ROB) and access road between Tata-Adityapur station of Jugsalai started in the financial year 2018-19 and completed in 2022-23. Its total length is 843 meters. The total administrative approval for this project is Rs 44,04,95,000.

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