Sunday, May 29, 2022

Central Board of Workers Education organises seminar

Jamshedpur : The Central Board of Workers Education (CBWE ) Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, Regional Directorate, Jamshedpur on Thursday organised a seminar at Loco Training Centre, South Eastern Railway on ‘global work culture, organizational development.

Pashupati Nath Shah Education Officer, Central Board of Workers Education, Labor and Employment Ministry was the chief guest.

Addressing the participants, Shah said that the entire world in the 21st century work superiority will expand ties.

The rail line being the only nation ever be able to give better service to passengers right and working class culture at the workplace to officers and employees will be implemented.

Through world-class railway service culture, security, punctuality and respectful traveler can get cooperation is achieved through the organization’s entire revenue service.

Customer service in the first place priority of rail workers will keep the customer on its liabilities first place.

Liberalization, in the era of globalization and excellence in the workplace management utility can only be proven through the service.

At the time of Indian Railways, the world would be a great service to the organization and its world-class culture in the increase in national pride.

Amul Kumar, principal, said in his address to the electric railway loco training center to better serve each loco pilot training routine.

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