Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Carry on Jamshedpur police, we shall overcome� hopefully

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Jamshedpur, April 18: There is a segment or two of human debris who misuse administrative considerations and put the entire ape-to-man generation under a big social mark of interrogation. For instance, the district administration had issued special vehicle passes for carrying essential commodities but misuse of these special consideration has led to the cancellation of 2,500 such �rights of road� by the irresponsible mortals.

Being forced to revisit the history of evolution, one finds that the quadrupeds, through the course of time gradually learnt to use their front paws or hands for better purposes and the more they learned, the shorter the fore-legs became ultimately becoming hands and turning the apes into apes with larger brains.

These apes were named by some optimist, �Man.� And of course, there was the inadvertent companion to go along with this �Man� and this transformed human was dubbed �Woman.� By no means is this term suggested to mean or sound synonymous with, �Oh! Man� although at times, this descendent of the apple enticing Mother Eve must have evoked that exclamation from Daddy Adam.

So much for the trip in reverse gear to the root of the problem where the seed of transformation from the rung of lower to higher animal all began; and since the trek from ice, stone, metal ages to the corruption age to the present times of vile thoughts and corrupt practices while using the protective shield of administrative provisions actually deemed for human care.

And so, the 2,500 passes were scrapped for misuse. Who lost? A betrayed mankind under the trauma of coronavirus in the period of necessitated lockdown. Add to that the dangerous pooh-poohing of essential social distancing measures by the higher transformation of apes makes human sanity seem like burnt saw dust that can only cause coughs if inhaled by a hapless animal of any classified strata.

The market places allowed to function as a benign step by a considerate district administration seem like consortiums of human shaped mongrels crowding at almost all vegetable stalls for 100 grams of chilly or whatever. One cannot help but observe here that the prices of almost all vegetables have taken a downward swing so as to suit every pocket and every marketing bag.

The police personnel under the hot summer sun in their Herculean endeavor to keep man from being bitten by the virus deserve every human gratitude and sympathy � gratitude for hoping that the community of higher animals will learn to follow protective norms and sympathy for their failure to contain a section of the two-legged race determined to volunteer as corona carriers.

�But carry on Khaki friends. The day will hopefully be there when the guys and gals will learn to respect why you people are there under the fiery sun in the first place. That they, I will sing along with you in my croaky voice, Pete Seeger�s immortal rev song, �We shall overcome���

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