Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Burn victim dies at MGM Hospital, parents block gate in protest

SDO deputes magistrate to mediate

Jamshedpur, Dec. 12 : Following death of 30-year-old man, who was a burnt patient and died allegedly due to medical negligence late last night, family members protested at the MGM Medical College Hospital on Tuesday.

The victim SurajNayak was admitted at the government medical college hospital with her wife Gauri (27) on Saturday afternoon.They were burnt in a mishap at their house in Sarjamda in Parsudih.

Suraj had sustained about 55 percent burns while trying to rescue his wife who was caught fire while cooking. He died at the hospital’s burn care unit soon after he was made to swallow a pill for bringing down the fever on Monday.

The family members and relatives claimed that the doctors at the hospital’s burn care unit did not attend the patient on Saturday and also on Sunday, leading his condition to deteriorate and to finally died at the hospital on Monday night.

Peeved over the incident, the protestors blocked the entrance gate of the medical college hospital by putting Suraj’s body. They demanded compensation to the kin next to the alleged medical negligence victim and action against the doctors responsible for the death.

“It is really a case of total negligence. The doctors did not come to help the patient suffering. The doctors at the burn care unit did not attend the patient despite we demanded care. Had they taken proper care, then the patient would not have died,” said a relative of the deceased.

The blockade which started at about 11 am was lifted at about 2 pm after Dhalbhum SDO, Madhvi Mishra sent an executive magistrate who cleared the blockade by pressing a police party into the service.

” We deputed a magistrate and the blockade at the medical college hospital gate was cleared after the administrative officials talked to the protestors,” said the SDO.
NiranjanMinz, head of the burn care unit, MGM Medical College Hospital said Suraj was under his treatment.

” The allegations are far from truth. Suraj had sustained burninjuries even in his neck portion. As he was having fever we made him swallow paracetamol, a pill for controlling the fever on Monday night. As his neck was not working, we made powder of the pill before making to patient to take it. But the powder and water chocked in the throat. As a result of which he died instantly,” said Minz.

The police took the body in their possession and sent it to the Dimna-based MGM Medical College mortuary for post-mortem.

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