Thursday, March 23, 2023

Baidyanath Dham darshan in line of Tirupati: Chief Secretary


Ranchi, August 17: Chief Secretary Rajeev Gauba said that the Govt. has agreed to facilitate Lord Vaidyanath’s Darshan & Pooja in the line of Lord Tirupati.

He said that providing better facilities to the devoted pilgrims is in the priority list of the Govt. & he would like this to happen.

He said that if Tirupati queue system is implemented at Vaidyanath temple, it will benefit the pilgrims. Mr. Gauba was addressing a special meeting in his office chamber on how to comfort the pilgrims of Vaidyanath Dham.

The Chief Secretary said that the way to Vaidyanath Dham is very narrow. So the Govt. is thinking on Multi- Storey Queue Management & darshan through time slot.

He said that Tirupati system of darshan can be adopted at Vaidyanath Dham also. Darshan can be booked biometrically based on photo identification.

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