Sunday, November 27, 2022

Arvind Singh to fight for workers after joining a labour union

Gamharia : Former MLA Arvind Singh will officially join Singhbhum Industrial Workers Union to fight the battle of the right of workers.

Briefing reporters on the Usha turn Gamharia office, Singh said that union president and general secretary Alok Kumar Chatterjee and Rabindranath are always working for the benefit of workers.

He said the public representatives to serve as the laborers had not been able to more attention to making their distance was growing.

But in the current situation prevailing chaos in the industrial sector, union leaders manipulated, exploited workers by management and labor laws, workers’ rights and in view of the flying fight for their rights is essential.

On the occasion unionist Alok Kumar Chatterjee said the upcoming meeting of the core committee of the union, will be important responsibility given to the workers their dues.

On this occasion, a trade union leader Arun Kumar, Dalbir Singh were also present.

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