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Art of Living celebrates Guru Purnima with much fervour in Steel city

Jamshedpur, July 31: The ‘Art of Living’ family of Jamshedpur celebrated the festival of Guru Purnima with great splendour at Maharashtra Mandal in Bistupur.

The day began with Sri Sri Ravishankar’s message to all to save the environment, plant trees and conserve our natural resources.

Art of Living volunteers planted trees in many different places across Jamshedpur.

“Guru Purnima is not the day of Guru but a day for devotees” preached the guru. He further explained the significance of this day by saying that when we are thankful to the nature, the nature gives you more and more. He added,”Guru can be in form or formless. Parents, teacher, friend, any experience, a spiritual master, a book, a story can be your Guru.

The evening at Maharashtra Mandal started with the sacred “Guru Puja”. Art of Living teachers chanted the Vedic mantras. Guru Puja is a ceremony of gratitude. The Sanskrit word “puja” means “fullness”. Pujas done out of a feeling of fullness and in turn it also brings a feeling of fullness. The Guru Puja honors the lineage of spiritual masters of the Vedic tradition.

Chanting the Guru Puja unites one’s mind with the tradition of spiritual masters. Guru Pooja is not about offering a flower, a fruit, and a coconut – this is a subtle process to create an invitation to the Divine.

Art of Living Jamshedpur Teacher Coordinator Mrs Baby Singh announced the 4 day silence program – Art of Silence which is scheduled from 13th-16th August 2015 in Jamshedpur.

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