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Arjun Munda plays host on Kali Puja


Jamshedpur, Nov. 12: Former Chief Minister Arjun Munda worshiped Goddess Kali at his residence and distributed bhog to the devotees.

Talking to the newsmen on the occasion, the BJP leader said “Today is an auspicious occasion. I extend my warm greetings to the people of Jharkhand on the occasion of Kali Puja and Chhath.�

Meanwhile, since early morning, party leaders, corporate honchos and well wishers poured into the former Chief Minister�s residence where Kali Puja is celebrated in a big way traditionally.

Munda said he organised the puja at his paternal house in Jamshedpur to seek the blessing of the goddess for the development and prosperity of the State. The surprise on the faces of many was evident as they stood with folded hands to greet Munda, only to have him come up and serve them food personally.

The bhog had been cooked overnight as Munda and his family took part in the puja at his sprawling residence. The entire Munda clan turned up on the occasion.

The Kali Puja is an annual affair organised by the Mundas for over 16 years now, with mother Saira and his brother Bhim Singh also taking active interest in the proceedings.

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