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AIWC Academy students visit CSIR-NML, motivated for a Science Career

Jamshedpur, July 30: A batch of 66 students of Std X from AIWC Academy of Excellence, Jamshedpur, accompanied by their teacher, Dibyo Jyoti Ghosh and Dadan Ojha visited CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur and interacted with the scientists and research fellows on Friday under the aegis of School- NML interactive programme (SNIP) in collaboration with NASI, Jharkhand Chapter. The students were thrilled to visit the laboratory and interact with the working groups.

The programme was scheduled for three hours, which comprised of an overview of Indian Science and Technology, Documentary film show on CSIR and NML separately, visit to NML Museum / Archive and selective units of the laboratory to have an exposure of modern laboratory research environment.

Dr. N.G. Goswami, Chief Scientist & Co-ordinator of the programme briefed about the programme and gave an overview of CSIR and NML contributions in different branches of Science & Technology. Dr. P.N. Mishra, Principal. Scientist tool part in the programme and talked about natural resources like ores, minerals, rocks and its significance and also arranged lab visit.

The students expressed their feelings, asked numbers of question and got clarified doubt with scientists. “I came to know about many new aspects of science and technology which I barely knew earlier”, said Adity Singh, a student of Std. X after the laboratory visit.

The students expressed their excitement and happiness over the laboratory visit as well as interaction with the scientists and research scholars. In fact, they were thrilled while visiting the labs and looking at the practical set ups.

A student, Ushrita Chakraborty said, “I came to know about new things here like CSIR involved in research on medicines and develop product for malaria disease. Ankit Kishore expressed that the lab visit was helpful in improving the thought processes and expressed to pursue research in CSIR. Mr. Abhinav Srivastava, Subhankar Dutta Ms. Jaya Kumari Singh were impressed to see the cleanness of the Laboratory.

Neha Kumari, said, “The visit to the laboratory helped me to know in depth about different types of ores, minerals, metals, rocks, and how they are extracted and used”. Another student, Ms. Shikha Vishwakarma said, “We are thrilled to know about CSIR lab’s contribution in the introduction of the testing of contaminated water and specially removal of arsenic.

During the interactive session at the museum, a number of students asked different questions on minerals, ores, origin of coal, the evolutionary history behind the formation of metals, etc. The contribution of CSIR-NML was demonstrated at museum with the help of wall mounted historical photographs, metals products and sample of ores, minerals, and metals.

Most of the students said that the interaction was very informative and brought a lot of motivation. Teachers and many students requested for their next visit to the lab for a deeper knowledge.

Both the teachers expressed their view and were satisfied to know about the consistent effort and research emphasis in various sectors for the ultimate development of India.

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