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Administration-JMM lock horns over Indira Market and Circus Maidan issue

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Ghatshila, Sept 13: The administration and JMM are at loggerheads on the issue of shifting vegetable and other products’ sellers from Dahigoda Circus Maidan and footpaths along Ghatshila Main Road to the Indira Market. The fact is that during the COVID-19 phases, vendors at Indira Market were shifted to the Dahigoda Circus Maidan. The administration currently is bent on shifting the vendors back to Indira Market as this place catered to buyer-seller needs of five panchayats in and around Ghatshila. The administration’s contention was accentuated by the Ghatshila police when, on Monday, September 12, they announced over the PA system that all footpath and Circus Maidan vendors were to return to Indira Market.

This police announcement may or may not have sparked the ignition switch but JMM leaders and workers marched into the Circus Maidan market on Tuesday and garlanded every vendor with the assurance that they were not to be shifted to the Indira Market. The JMM members put up a banner in the market place that mentioned, “Dishom Guru Shibu Soren Daily Market.’ They held a meeting with the vendors at this Circus Maidan and came out in support opf the vendors. The JMM contended that if the vegetable and other product vendors were shifted to Indira Market, the citizens would be inconvenienced because of the distance.

The JMM activists stated that the Circus Maidan ground belonged to Indian Copper and hence the administration’s claim of encroachment was a hoax. They said that no vendor would go to any other place and would continue to occupy their vending zones at the Circus Maidan.

However, the Ghatshila administration claimed that the Indira Market catered to the needs of people of five panchayats. However, the administrative officials stated that the vendors were shifted to the Dahigoda Circus Maidan during the coronavirus times and would now have to return to their old business spot in Indira Market that is situated on Zila Parishad holding. Moreover, the officials stated that since the precautionary shift, vendors were occupying footpaths along the Ghatshila Main Road that was creating traffic snarls. Shifting them back to their old place of business will not only ease the traffic bottlenecks but would also encourage better business that had been going on at Indira Market for several decades, the administrative officials observed.

The claims and counter-claims of the administration and the JMM are disturbing especially to the daily earners vend their products for another shot at life. The administration and the JMM have locked horns over the issue of Indira Market-vs-Circus Maidan but whoever has the right of way is expected to prove a messiah for the vegetable vendors who, in all likelihood do not sleep and hence do not dream. For them, every tomorrow is just another day in the war for two square meals.

The JMM team that visited the Circus Ground Market included MLA Representative Jagdish Bhagat, Satish Sit, Nil Kamal Mahto and others.

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