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60 shops demolished in Jamshedpur during anti-encroachment drive


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Jamshedpur, May 24: The anti-encroachment drive launched by the district administration under the guidance of Special Officer removed several shops along Mango Dimna road on Wednesday. The campaign targeted the stretch from Mango Chowk to Mithila Dairy on Mango Dimna Road, resulting in the removal of approximately 60 hut-like shops that had been constructed between the dividers. Prior to this initiative, shops occupying the divider in the middle of the road had already been dismantled in Mango.

Today, the remaining shops situated in a particular section of the divider were cleared with the assistance of JCB machine. Notably, the shopkeepers did not offer much resistance as they had been informed in advance about the operation. Furthermore, neighboring shops had already been removed, paving the way for the subsequent action.

The encroachment removal drive involved the participation of Harishchandra Munda, CO of Mango, Suresh Yadav, Executive Officer of Mango Municipal Corporation, officials from Tata Steel UISL (formerly Jusco), as well as police personnel. Additionally, Tata Steel has undertaken the beautification of the central verge area between Dimna and Mango roundabout.

The ongoing beautification efforts encompass the establishment of parks and gardens, along with the construction of open gyms. These amenities are aimed at benefiting the residents of Mango, providing them with recreational spaces and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The successful execution of the encroachment removal campaign signifies a significant step towards reclaiming the Mango Dimna Road and restoring its original purpose. The district administration’s proactive approach, in collaboration with various stakeholders, has resulted in a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing thoroughfare.

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