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Zoo�makes special arrangements for animals to beat the heat

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Jamshedpur: Rise in temperature in the industrial town Jamshedpur is has added to the woes of people but the animals in the Tata Steel Zoological Park are also feeling the heat.

The Tata Steel Zoo has made elaborate arrangements for the animals to deal with the�summer

Officials of the park said that the lion’s enclosure has been provided with the desert cooler and other arrangements like shower bath and 24-hour water supply to make the animals comfortable.

Alarmed by the soaring mercury, the�zoo�authorities are serving the cool drinks, juices and other fluids to the animals. Cool roof paints have been provided.

According to the�zoo�officials, when the atmospheric temperature goes up, the metabolic rate of the animals goes down. Therefore, the first sign that the animals have been gripped by the�summer�heat is a reduced appetite.

It may be mentioned that the city witnessed hottest day of season with temperature soaring to 42.6 degree. Moreover heat wave condition is likely to continue in the Chottanagpur plateau region amid severe hot conditions prevailing in the nearby suburbs.

A�zoo�official said that the temperatures are rising and it isn’t only humans who are feeling the heat. Even the animals are a troubled lot. So, not only the drink but other arrangements have also been made in our�zoo�to make the animals feel comfortable.

Officials also went on to inform that sprinklers have been installed in all the enclosures and the animals have been put on a nutritious diet comprising seasonal fruits like watermelon and mangoes along with cucumbers.

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