Saturday, December 2, 2023

Violent Clash in Dhanbad’s Loyabad: Four Injured in Political Rivalry

Dhanbad: In a disturbing incident, a violent clash unfolded between two rival groups in Loyabad, Dhanbad, on Monday night at approximately 8:30 pm. At least four individuals suffered injuries during the altercation, with one critically wounded victim requiring transfer from Ashrafi Hospital in Dhanbad to Durgapur after a sword attack.

Reports indicate that additional injured parties are receiving treatment at SNMMCH in Dhanbad, identifying two of them as Satyendra Kevat and Sujit Kevat. The clash is reported to have arisen from tensions between supporters of local MLA Dhullu Mahato and those aligned with BJP leader Ragini Singh. The specific triggers behind the conflict remain undisclosed, though sources suggest it may have originated when a member of one group was apprehended and assaulted. Subsequently, upon learning of the attack, members of the opposing group retaliated against the initial aggressor.

In response to the incident, law enforcement personnel from four different police stations are stationed in the affected area, underscoring the severity of the situation. Notably, the injured individual referred to Durgapur is purportedly a supporter of MLA Dhullu Mahato. Authorities are urged to swiftly investigate the circumstances surrounding the clash to ensure the restoration of peace and order in Loyabad.

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