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TSAF felicitates first Orissa couple for conquering Mt Everest

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Jamshedpur, July 21: Mountaineers Pradeep Chandra Sahoo and Chetna Sahoo became the first couple from Orissa to climb Mt. Everest (29028 ft) in their third attempt in May 2016. �On the other hand, Chetna Sahoo being a Gujarati became the first Gujarati to reach the summit of Mt Everest.

Their determination, dedication and devotion brought success as both husband and wife reached the Summit in May 2016. Pradeep Chandra Sahoo was felicitated by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) in presence of chief Bachendri Pal at JRD complex on Thursday.

Also present at the event was mountaineer Premlata Agarwal, P.P.Kapadia�and others.

Convinced about standing upto the stress and strains of high climbing Pradeep Chandra Sahoo made the first attempt on Mt. Everest (29028 ft) in 2014. �Unfortunately tragedy struck when a huge avalanche killed 18 Sherpas in the Khumbu Ice Fall region. �Pradeep and Chetna had to return as the expedition was called off. �

In 2015 they suffered another setback as an avalanche caused by the Earthquake killed 18 sherpas and 3 other climbers at the Base Camp. �They had another lucky escape.

Talking to the media persons, Pradeep Chandra Sahoo said, �I joined Tata Steel as a GT and rose up the ranks to become the Chief of Talent Management. �I was keenly interested in adventure and always find time to venture out in the Himalaya for trekking and expeditions. �In this period I was able to climb the third highest peak in India viz. Mt. Kamet 25446 ft situated in the Indo-Tibetan border of Uttrakhand.�

He further said, �During the course of Mt. Kamet I suffered a stress fracture on his spine and was bed ridden wondering whether I would be able to pursue my passion. �

I struggled with the injury for nearly a year and there was also a doubt of his being able to climb again. �Never give up. Never give in� has always been my motto and started fitness exercises to make my spine strong. �Slowly and surely I was able to get over my injury and even started planning to climb again.�

Later, Pradeep shifted to Kalinga Steels and continued to pursue his romance with the hills. His ultimate aim, like that of any mountaineer was to climb Mt. Everest. �In this pursuit he would go for climbing a Himalayan Peak each year, carefully keeping aside time from his work to pursue his passion.

Pardeep participated in the several expeditions in Himalayas including Mt. Kamet (7756 m) in 2006 � Summitter, Mt. Panchachuli � II (6904m) in 2009 � Leader and reached up to summit Camp, Mt. Mamostong Kangri (7516 M) in 2010 � Leader, reached up to 6885 meter, Mt. Saser Kangri �IV (7416 m) in 2011 � Leader, reached up to 6750 m, �Mt. Jongsong (7464 m) in 2012 � leader and summitter (First Indian ascent) and Mt. Plateau Peak (7287 m) in 2013, summitter (first ascent).

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