Saturday, September 23, 2023

Teachers protest against curtailed holidays in Kolhan University, colleges

Himalayan Paths

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur: Teachers and educators from Kolhan University and various colleges staged a widespread protest against the unexpected reduction in previously announced holidays. Under the banner of the Teachers’ Association of Kolhan University (TAKU), teachers across the city showed their solidarity by wearing black badges.

TAKU claimed that the holidays had been rescheduled by the governor without consulting the union, leaving teachers disheartened and aggrieved. In a united stand, teachers from prominent educational institutions such as Jamshedpur Co-operative College, The Graduate School College for Women, Jamshedpur Workers College, and others also joined the movement by wearing black badges.

The union emphasized that teachers should not be treated as a non-vocational class and demanded their rightful entitlements, including 16 casual leaves and 45 days of earned leave. They also expressed concerns regarding the delayed progress in matters such as promotions, pension, and AGP (Academic Grade Pay), urging authorities to expedite these processes as swiftly as the holiday reduction had been implemented. To express their dissatisfaction, teachers threatened to stage a symbolic protest if their demands were not addressed promptly. The gesture aimed to highlight the significance of their concerns and advocate for fair treatment

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