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Teachers obtain magic key to handle students in a positive way

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Jamshedpur, April 5: Teachers Training Workshop on Lions Quest: Skills for Adolescence concluded today with the presentation of the International Certificate to all the participants at�the Nature Education Centre. The Valedictory Session was graced by Shubhenjit Chaudhuri, Chief of Corporate Sustainability, Tata Steel and Anand Choudhary, Past District�Governor

Sangeeta Chatrath from Little Flower School, Vibha Jha from Kerala Public School, Kadma, Subha Raghavan from DBMS Kadma High School, Ranjana Lal from Kerala Samajam�Model School, Tina Haldar from Loyola High School and Tej Narayan Singh, DBMS Career Academy gave the feedback on the workshop and about the Skills for Adolescents and found�as if they have got the magic key which every teacher needs to handle the students in a positive way.

Though they are very good in teaching and are considered as experts in the subject they teach but when it comes to handling students they sometimes feel handicapped. The programme has made them more confident and the workshop they all felt have made�them realize their goal both as a teacher and as well as a parent.

They said that they have become now more familiar and conscious with the feelings and sentiments of today�s adolescents which are going to help them understand them better and build a cordial relationship with the students more as a friend and counsellor rather than just a teacher.

Ratna Choudhry, International Senior Trainer, Lions Quest and the resource person for the workshop found the group of teachers to be very participative and hope that students will be able to get access over the SFA programme into their schools. She extended her help in conducting parent�s teacher meeting as well as helping them to take classes so that students�are made to enjoy the study along with developing their different skills.�

Chief Guest Shubhenjit Chaudhuri giving the statistics elaborated the present scenario and the challenges being face by the students today. With the change in the family set up and with�increasing access to different avenues, threats too have got manifold.

If the student who are not provided proper guidance by the parent�s or by the teachers then the chances are that they will get�lost in the competitive world, loose confidence and thrust. Student today are very talented and given an opportunity they can do miracles.

He appreciated the Lions Club members�especially Rajnish Kumar for his devotion and commitment to the cause of the adolescents. All the participants were awarded the international certificate and group photograph by the distinguished guests. Lions assured their full cooperation to the teachers and the school management for the success of Skills for Adolescence programme.

Rajnish Kumar, Coordinator and Counsellor conducted the Valedictory session while LionAnand Chaudhary, Past District Governor extended the vote of thanks..

Teachers who attended the 18th Teachers Training Workshop were Sangeeta Chatrath, Amarjeet Kaur and Deepshikha Bhattacharjee from Little Flower School, Iti Banerjee,Punam Sinha, Doel Mitra Roy and Satpal Kaur Saini from AIWC Academy of Excellence.

Ranjan Chaturvedi, Prabhjot Kaur, Aditi Sarkar, Seema Prasad and Vibha Jha from Kerala�Public School, Kadma, Suranjana Biswas, Mamta Singh, Tina Halder from Loyola High School, Tej Narayan Singh and Ashish Kumar Singh from DBMS Career Academy, �Rani�Kumari and Subha Raghavan from DBMS Kadma High School, Mathura Bagh Sahu from Prem Jyoti Prangan, Soma Banerjee and Anuradha Chakraborty from Dayanand Public School
N Lalita Rao and Santosh Kumar from Baldwin High School, Baljinder Kaur and Ranjana Lal from Keraal Samajam Model School, Manju Singh and Binita Ojha from Baridih�High School.

On day 2 of the program on Saturday, four Phase Lesson Design �& Instructional Strategies for Teaching, Social & Emotional �Skills, related energizer, Building Social & Emotional Competencies with Lions�Quest �were covered in pre lunch session while in post lunch session Planning for Now It�s Your Turn, presentation by different groups were held. �

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