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Tatanagar: Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express rescheduled to leave Howrah at 11:30 am on Sep 21

Kurmi Protest: SER cancels 26 trains, several diverted 

Passengers create ruckus at Tatanagar

Jamshedpur, Sep 20: Activists from the Kurmi community have intensified the demand for inclusion in ST category after the local policy based on the Khatian of 1932 has been approved by the State government.

As part of their agitation, a group of activists squatted at railway tracks at Kustaur and Nimdih Railway stations of Adra Division, Khemasuli and Bhanjpur stations of Kharagpur Division and Aunlajori station of Chakradharpur Division on Tuesday morning.

According to South Eastern Railway press communique, the agitation was continuing at Kastaur and Khemasuli stations till 8 pm on Tuesday but has been withdrawn from other locations. 

Train services of South Eastern Railway were badly affected due to agitation. A total of 26 trains were cancelled, 16 were short terminated and 24 were diverted.

SER has also rescheduled three trains. 08159 Kharagpur – Tatanagar MEMU Special left Kharagpur at 20:00 hrs instead of 15:25 hrs on September 20.

12130 Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express has been rescheduled to leave Howrah at 11:30 hrs on September 21 instead of 22:10 hrs on September 20. 18012 Chakradharpur-Howrah Express left Chakradharpur at 19:30 hrs instead of 18:25 hrs on September 20.

The trains that were cancelled were: 08641/08642 Adra – Barkakana-Adra MEMU Passenger, 08649/08650 Adra – Purulia-Adra MEMU Passenger, 08055/08056 Kharagpur – Tatanagar-Kharagpur MEMU Passenger Special, 08060 /08059 Tatanagar – Kharagpur – Tatanagar MEMU Passenger Special, 18116/18115 Chakradharpur – Gomoh-Chakradharpur MEMU Express, 18183 Tatanagar – Danapur Express, 08174 Tatanagar – Asansol MEMU Passenger Special, 13512/13511 Asansol – Tatanagar-Asansol Express, 18036 Hatia – Kharagpur Express, 12814/12813 Tatanagar – Howrah-Tatanagar Steel Express, 08162 Chakradharpur – Tatanagar Special, 08160 Tatanagar-Kharagpur Special, 08014/08013 Chakradharpur – Tatanagar -Chakradharpur Special, 12021/12022 Howrah – Barbil – Howrah Janshatabdi Express, 22861 Howrah – Titlagarh-Kantabanji Ispat Express, 03597/03598 Ranchi – Asansol-Ranchi Special, 18019/18020 Jhargram – Dhanbad – Jhargram Express, 18033/18034 Howrah- Ghatsila-Howrah Express.

Trains that were short terminated were 13301/13302 Dhanbad-Tatanagar-Dhanbad Express from Pathardih, 08173 Asansol – Tatanagar MEMU Special short terminated at Adra, 12883/12884 Santragachi – Purulia – Howrah Express short terminated at Adra, 03594/03593 Asansol – Purulia – Asansol MEMU Special from Adra,  18035 Kharagpur – Hatia Express was short terminated at  Adra 08129/08130 Tatanagar- Badampahar- Tatanagar Special was shortly terminated.

The following trains were diverted: 13288 Rajendranagar-Durg Express, 18011 Howrah-Chakradharpur Express, 12262 Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Duronto Express, 12130  Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express, 22905 Porbandar-Shalimar Express, 12801 Puri-New Delhi Express, 12809 Mumbai CSMT – Howrah Mail, 15930 New Tinsukia-Tambaram Express, 15022 Gorakhpur-Shalimar Express, 18029 Mumbai LTT- Shalimar Express, 12833 Ahmedabad- Howrah Express, 12859 Mumbai CSMT – Howrah Express and 22823 Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Express.

Passengers were seen creating ruckus at Tatanagar railway station. The anger of the passengers was quelled when the full amount of their ticket was refunded. A total of 8 counters were opened at Tatanagar railway station to refund the ticket money. After this, the money was refunded to all the passengers one by one.

On the other hand, the people of Kurmi community have made it clear that just as the Kurmi community had ST status at the time of undivided Bihar, similarly they should be given ST status in Jharkhand. Along with this, there is a demand from the Bengal and Odisha governments to include the Kudmi community in the ST.

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