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Jamshedpur glowed with Tata Steel’s first ingot production in February 1912


Jamshedpur, Feb 15: The steel production in Tata Steel began when the first steel ingot was rolled out on February 16, 1912. 

In 1908, the construction of the Works began, and steel production started on February 16, 1912.

The ingot moulds were manufactured at the ingot mould foundry and later the solidified ingots were rolled into slabs, bars, blooms and billets.

The Tata Steel plant was set up with an original capacity of 160,000 tonnes of pig iron; 100,000 tonnes of ingot steel; 70,000 tonnes of rails, beams and shapes; and 20,000 tonnes of bars, hoops and rods. The range of facilities were 180 non-recovery coke ovens batteries; 30 by product ovens with a sulphuric acid plant; two blast furnaces (each with per day capacity of 350 tonnes); one 300 tonne hot metal mixer; four open hearth furnaces with a capacity of 50 tonnes each; one steam engine driven 40 inch reversing blooming mill; one 28-inch reversing combination rail and structural mill with reheating furnaces; and one 16-inch and two 10-inch rolling mills. The plant also had a powerhouse, auxiliary facilities, and a well-equipped laboratory. The construction cost was around Rs. 23 million.

It was on August 26, 1907 that Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) was registered in India. It may be mentioned that the company was initially registered in England in 1906 but due to lukewarm response of investors there, the step to register the company in India was taken whereby the journey of Industrial success on the international firmament continues to be written in letters of gold.   

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