Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tata Motors Jamshedpur takes a step towards better health care

Dedicates new modular operation theatre

Jamshedpur, March 18 : Tata Motors Jamshedpur took various new steps to serve the local community with the state-of-the- art health facilities at Tata Motors Hospital and ParivarKalyanSansthan. Head Manufacturing, CVBU, AB Lall and Sampath K Morri, Head Jamshedpur Plant inaugurated Pre-Fabricated high-pressure laminate board modular operation theatre complex in ParivarKalyanSansthan. At Tata Motors, several new facilities were added for better services to employees and community availing health facilities.

With an objective to promote high standard of asepsis, ensure maximum standard of safety, optimize utilization of OT, working condition and staff time, patient and staff comfort in terms of thermal, acoustic and lighting requirements, facilitate coordinated services, minimizes maintenance, ensure functional fifth pre-fabricated stainless steel modular operation theatre has been set up.

Department of Pathology ,Tata Motors Hospital ,has been awarded the prestigious NABL accreditation .NABL is a constituent board of Quality Council of India which is under the aegis of Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. This is the highest recognition awarded to a laboratory for its competency, quality and reliability of test reports and enhances customer confidence .

The accredited laboratories undergo stringent surveillance and face periodic audits by NABL. The reports issued by a NABL accredited laboratory has acceptance worldwide.

Recently a sleep lab is being installed in Tata Motors Hospital which is second such lab in Jamshedpur after Tata Main Hospital. Sleep lab is required for conducting multipara-meter sleep study also called polysomnography to diagnose common sleep disorders especially sleep apnoea.

Polysomnography is performed in a sleep laboratory while the patient sleeps, preferably at his or her usual sleeping time. The polysomnogram (PSG) objectively records sleep stages and respiratory events.

It shows multiple channels of electroencephalogram (EEG), electrooculogram (EOG), electrocardiogram (ECG), nasal and oral airflow, abdominal, chest and leg movements and blood oxygen levels
CCTV Surveillance System inaugurated with an objective for surveillance and security protection at various vulnerable points which is controlled from a Central Command Control facility.Fully Automated Lift Services for smooth and safe shifting of patients from Casualty-Ward-Cabin-Operation Theatre to other units.

On this occasion,Lall reiterated Tata Motors commitment towards community, to provide world class quality of services even for the most unprivileged segment from our CSR operational area. During the inauguration SampathMorri, Head- Jamshedpur Plant, BhartiLall , patron , AIWC GCB , Dr. Sanjay ,Head Medical Services , Manas Mishra, Vishal Badsah , President and General Secretary TML and Drivelines Workers Union and other senior leadership team were also present.

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