Sunday, November 28, 2021

Stamp paper crisis stalls court work, people protest

Jamshedpur, May 6: The steel city is witnessing an acute shortage of non-judicial stamp papers for some weeks now. As a consequence, people, including the litigants, are facing a harrowing time in getting their work done.

The document, which is used for preparing affidavits and completing other legal formalities, is also being sold at a premium. People are forced to buy non-judicial stamps from Seraikela court at a premium to make agreement papers and meeting legal emergency situations. Due to non availability a lot of people protested today.

Stamp vendors said that the demand for non-judicial stamp papers have exceeded our supply, triggering a shortage of this important document. “Demand for non-judicial stamp papers in denominations of Rs 10 and 20 is the most in demand. But we are not able to meet the demand as the supply has been stopped for almost a month now,” said one of the vendors near the executive court.

Moreover, there are counters separate counters for women and senior citizens. The visitors demanded the new facility to be introduced. Non-judicial stamp papers of higher denominations are, however, available. Sources added that the supply of non-judicial stamp papers is not made proportionately.

“The supply of this document is far less than what is required in a place like Jamshedpur. But things are not coming up as we would have wanted. Important work is getting delayed due to the shortage of non-judicial stamp papers,” a vendor complained.

The non-judicial stamp papers are needed for getting affidavit and other work in government offices. Since the past two months, the supply of the non-judicial stamp papers, especially of the lower denomination like Rs 5, Rs 10 and Rs 20 has stopped to the Jamshedpur treasury office. As a result of the absence of the non-judicial stamp papers, the people have to face harrowing time in getting their important work which requires affidavit.

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