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Smart, innovative events mark Hindi Divas at Sheyn International

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Jamshedpur, Sept 14:  The commitment to holistic education was markedly evident as students of Sheyn International School celebrated Hindi Divas with a series of smart, innovative presentations that included recitations, including famous and immortal couplets composed by Kabir Das. Another master creation was the section on advertisement slogans that were catchy as well as innovative. The dexterity of the students lay in their grip over the national language, Hindi. They left no room for complaint in the manner and style of delivering their messages in Hindi. This was a reassuring factor and a true tribute to the celebration of Hindi Divas on Thursday, September 14 at Sheyn International School.

Students of the Primary Wing captivated the audience with their immaculate recitations that reflected the beauty of the Hindi language and its cultural significance.

The Secondary Section students took center stage with an enthralling play and skit that brought to life the essence of Hindi literature and culture.

The presentations also featured recitations of Dohas (Couplets) by Sant Kabir Das and these presentations underlined the timeless wisdom of the great saint-composer.

The students presented innovative advertisement slogans in Hindi, highlighting their linguistic creativity and communication skills.

Rama Srinivas, Principal (Academics) Sheyn International School along with Pushpa Bhalla, Principal (Administration), Keya Adak, Vice Principal and Simran Saggu, Headmistress congratulated all the participants and teachers for the spirit that marked the celebration of Hindi Divas at the school.

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