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Rich tributes paid to tribal martyrs on Hul Diwas


Jamshedpur: Leaders of several political parties on Friday paid tributes to Sidhu-Kanu, the brothers who spearheaded the daring Santhali population of Eastern India during the British rule. The day that is celebrated as the Hul Diwas witnessed several events to mark the day.

It has been 155 years since India witnessed a dramatic chapter in its historic struggle to pull India out of the British Raj � the Hool Kranti Divas, spearheaded by the daring Santhali population of Eastern

�Hool� in Santhali refers to struggle for deliverance. Today, Santhali culture is seeing gradual erosion.
At Sidhu Kanhu Shiksha Niketan, Dimna, students were quizzed on different aspects of the mutiny, Jharkhand State, common abbreviations used and current affairs. Students of Chakradharpur actively took part in a cycle rally that was organised by the company to recognize potential talent in the field of sports.

Looking at the gradual erosion of Santhali culture, the city took this opportunity to reinstate Santhal glory and spread it amongst the youth of the city.

�Hool� in Santhali refers to struggle for deliverance. Santal Hul, as is known, was one of the fiercest battles in the history of Indian freedom struggles causing greatest number of loss of lives in any battles during that time.

The number of causalities of Santal Hul was 20,000 according to Hunter who wrote it in annals of Rural Bengal. The Santal Hul of 1855-57 was master minded by four brothers Sidhu, Kahnu, Chand and Bhairav; a heroic episode in India’s prolonged struggle for freedom.

Hul Diwas marks the contribution of tribal martyrs Sido, Kanhu, Chand and Bhairav. The place is treated as the epicentre of the Santhal Hul (rebellion) against the British Raj in 1855, two years before Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, now considered to be India�s first freedom movement.

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