Sunday, December 5, 2021

Rhythm: Misses the beat

By Troy Ribeiro
Film: “Rhythm”; Director: Vivek Kumar; Cast: Adele Chaudhry, Rinil Routh, Gurleen Chopra, Kiran Srinivas, Kosha Jayaswal, Vibhu Raghav, Kuba Gras and Syed Adid Bhushan; Rating: *1/2

The last of the Valentine month releases, “Rhythm” is a youth-based romance film.

Set in a college campus in Krakow, Poland against the backdrop of an inter-collegiate dance and music festival, “Rhythm” is the love story of Avantika and Rohan.

Avantika is the lead singer of the college band, who is often accompanied by her coterie of friends; Reet, Buff, Nick, Mark and Arjun. Rohan is a new entrant in the college. She has a writer’s block due to a failed relationship, lack of imagination and inspiration. He helps her unlock her block. Romance blossoms, but not without their fair share of hurdles.

Debutant Adele Chaudhry as Rohan is charming and sincere in his performance, but his mannerisms; the slight tilt of his head while he delivers his lines and gait remind you of thespian Dev Anand in his heydays.

Rinil Routh as his love interest, lacks energy in all aspects. Being a romantic film, her onscreen chemistry with Adele is missing. Her coterie of friends too are stereotypical and run-of-the-mill found in B-grade films. The two young actors who play Nick and Arjun, have potential which is untapped.

Salman Ahmad from ‘Junoon’ band fame, plays himself, the Sufi ‘rockstar’, who inspires Avantika to be a singer. His character is well-intended but is badly executed on screen. His get-up is similar to that of Ranbir Kapoor in the film “Rockstar”.

Writer-director Vivek Kumar’s script and direction are amateurish. The story is flowing but in a superficial and unimaginative narrative. It offers no dramatic moments and the surprises are more of duds. Also, the screenplay is flimsy, filled with songs, poetry and dream sequences.

With the inciting moments which include the pain, pathos or the joy of the romance missing, the tale is preposterous and unconvincing.

Also, the dialogues are all fluff, mounted in a childish manner. The poorly etched characters are all one-dimensional, dramatically pretentious and shallow living in their undefinable universe.

The action sequences which include fisticuffs, are a tad sub-standard.

Being a musical, the film is a huge letdown as the songs are average and are choreographed in a mediocre manner.

Overall, with many beats skipped this “Rhythm” is jarring for a romantic date film.

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