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Red Day: Colour that signifies love and compassion celebrated at Sheyn International School


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Jamshedpur, May 4: Red, the colour signifying love and compassion is celebrated as Red Day. Red day was celebrated at Sheyn International School. It turned out to be a successful outing for children of primary and junior wings of the Institution as it provided the base for interesting learning activity. They learned during the Red Day celebration, the significance and concepts of primary colours.

The very special students of Sheyn School’s primary and junior classes and the faculty members were dressed in red to add to the importance and festive atmosphere behind Red Day celebration. The classrooms were decorated with red balloons. The shades of red induced in the students the sensations of joy. They had the looks of great cheer on their countenances. Some of the children brought red coloured objects from home and spoke briefly on the significance of the colour Red. To heighten the feelings of joy and good cheer, a fancy dress ramp walk delighted all present on the occasion. Other activities designed to play and learn included Fruit Party, hand painting and Selfie Corner where the students posed for photographs. Red Day celebrations at the Sheyn International School turned out to be a wonderful learning activity helping children to reinforce their cognitive skills.

The School’s Principal, Pushpa Bhalla provided students with insight into the purpose of Red Day celebrations. Vice Principal, Keya Adak motivated the students to think logically and anticipate rationally.

Headmistress Simran Saggu spoke on the importance of Red Day and propagated the concept of fun learning if organized in the perfect way.

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