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Ramswarup ji & Rati Ramji�s descendants usher in a new dawn in Mahulia

Galudih (East Singhbhum), Aug. 6: It has been over a century since two brothers Ram Swarupji and Rati Ramji arrived in Mahulia village in Galudih from distant Haryana in pursuit of their future. By the dint of hard work and some blessings of lady luck, they accumulated wealth for themselves as well as their employees.

Simultaneously, the two brothers engaged in several social activities, which are still remembered by the natives of the region. In fact, education has been a priority for this family, which branched over the years and now spread to different regions of the country. The descendants are not only well-educated themselves, but have promoted education through various social activities.

On Sunday, August 7, their descendants will embark on yet another philanthropic venture. Members of this business family are now determined to give back the society what they received from it. As a result, they have joined hands to set up an international level school for the children of this relatively neglected region.

In order to realize the dreams of their ancestors, they have affiliated with brand SANFORT to set up STANFORT World Academy in Mahulia.

STANFORT World Academy will be inaugurated on Sunday by BJP Rajya Sabha MP Mahesh Poddar. The international level educational institution, a school for the children from the region, has been hailed by the local residents, who now see a ray of hope of providing their children with the world class education.

Meanwhile, the brand SANFORT was started in December 2009 from Delhi-NCR and in a small span of seven years it reached to 110 branches spread in different parts of the country. Currently, SANFORT is ranked No.1 pre-school brand in Delhi for the year 2015 and won 13 prestigious awards.

The curriculum of SANFORT is accredited to ��British Association for Early Childhood Education� and is a member of ��Preschool Learning Alliance � U.K.�� SANFORT is the pioneer preschool chain partnered with ��Trinity College London �� for the English language development of young children and provide international certification in English language first time in the country for pre-schoolers.

SANFORT is the only preschool brand in the country with ��True Smart Learning System�� with �Touch �N� Learn �� Technology which make learning more interesting and fun-filled.

Instead of expanding its network in metros and big cities only, STANFORT is going to small towns with the aim to make quality education available to every child of the society.

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