Thursday, April 22, 2021

Parents protest at Jamshedpur’s Sheyn International School

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Jamshedpur, Mar 13: Parents protested on Saturday in front of the Sheyn International School Mango against the school management holding back report card of 75 per cent of the students for failure to clear entire year fees. 
The parents shouted against the school management and claimed that they are violating government order and blamed the management for not understanding their position of not being able to pay fees during Covid-19 lockdown period. 
There was heated arguments between the school staff, teachers and parents and even mild heckling. 
Jamshedpur Abhibhavak Sangh president Umesh Kumar also reached the spot and claimed the decision of the school as autocratic as the government had clearly given direction that only tuition fees should be charged for the lockdown period and the school cannot charge admission fees, development fee and other fees. 


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