Sunday, December 3, 2023

Onion @ Rs 60 per Kg, short supply from Nasik increases price in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur : Onion prices, which have been fuelling headline inflation, touched a new high in the city.

The cost of a kilo of the onion has increased in a month — from Rs. 30 to Rs. 60 . Traders warn that the prices would continue to go up further in next few weeks, driving a hole in the pockets of the common man.

The onion traders opined that the prices of this essential vegetable is likely to touch the Rs 60 a kilograme by the end of this month and there will be an upswing in the prices till at least the September end.

Onion is an essential commodity in the kitchen. With the rise in prices of vegetables in general, the continuous hike in onion prices is hitting the common man very hard.

Buyers in markets across the country said that they are looking for ways to cut down on onion consumption. But despite efforts, an ingredient as essential as onions is hard to cut back on.

Traders too echoed a similar sentiment. Many said that the jump in prices of onion is because of a drop in supply and there little to be except reduce consumption.

Retail markets in Jamshedpur saw onion being sold at prices as high as Rs. 70 kg. While some outlets selling at Rs. 75 per kg last year.

Consumers standing in line at Sakchi bazaar irrespective of the low quality commodity, reduced arrivals at the wholesale market, and consequent price escalation continue to mirror the onion crisis the city is facing along with the rest of the country.

A onion shop-keeper, Nandu Prasad said that those deal with onion are also badly hit as their earning has reduced due to a sharp rise in the prices of onion.

Housewives were seen cursing the powers-that-be for its failure to check the prices at bazaars. “There is late production and short-supply from Nasik, which have led to increase in prices. Even in Maharashtra and across the country, there is abnormal increase in the prices,” a buyer said.

Taking advantage of the situation, sources said, some unscrupulous traders have resorted to heavy hoarding. “There is policy paralysis with the government failing to introduce market intervention to control the prices.

What will be the plight of common man with the skyrocketing prices of vegetables and essential commodities,” opined Rammohan Rao, a lecturer in a private college.

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