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MMAA acting training camp at Tulsi Bhawan between June 13 and 22

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Jamshedpur, May 26: The growing inclination for acting in people of all ages has prompted Media Mantra Acting Academy (MMAA) to organize an ‘Acting Training Camp’ at Tulsi Bhawan in Bistupur between June 13 and 22. Theatre and film thespian, Hari Mittal along with popular film and theatre actor-director Shiv Kumar Prasad will train ambitious persons above the age of 13 years who are bent on making acting their profession. It needs to be mentioned that the camp will be organized by Purvi Singhbhum Zila Hindi Sahitya Sammelan.

It has been observed that the glitter of tinsel towns of Mumbai, Kolkata, the southern states and their celluloid presentations both, in cinema and Tele Vision has caught the attention of youth who are eager to learn the nuances of performing and seek income earning avenues under the arch light. Some learn by observing and imitating but learning the grammar of acting is the best way to prove one’s histrionic mettle. The steel city’s budding but uncut talents are fortunate to live in a city where ample opportunities of refining their acting acumen are available. And with master screen and theatre personalities like Hari Mittal and Shiv Kumar Prasad more than willing to devote their rich experience towards polishing the uncut gems and teaching them the ‘whats, hows and whys’ of performing methodology, the horizons of success will definitely come closer. The trainees will find the key to the magic chest of income avenues, glitz and glitter in the worlds of celluloid. The Acting Training Camp will be a major step to attainment, or rather, realization of big time dreams. Thespian Hari Mittal is committed to the stage and cinema in all their hues while another highly experienced actor, director and producer, Shiv Kumar Prasad will jointly pool and pour their acknowledged and in-depth experiences to aspiring actors at the ‘Acting Training Camp.’

The aspiring artistes at the training camp will be provided training in the intricate facets of acting that will include rehearsals, home practice, improvisation through modulated dialogue delivery, tone, vocal and physical expressions, movement including body language that are the ingredients for a good actor to learn and perform. In fact, these are the blends for impressive performances before the camera and on the theatre front. Hari Mittal and Shiv Kumar Prasad will ingrain the camp participants with components by teaching the art of acting, speaking on a public stage, effective physical gestures and postures, control of emotions to name a few that will add to personality development perspectives.

The Acting Training Camp at the Bistupur Tulsi Bhawan will be conducted by Hari Mittal and Shiv Kumar Prasad between June 13 and 22 and will be conducted from 5 pm to 7 pm on all days. On the final day of the camp, a monologue delivery competition will be organized and certificates to participants will be presented. According to information, a short film has been planned and the monologue winning students will be provided roles in this celluloid vehicle.

Detailed information on the Acting Training Camp will be provided by Rajesh Ji at Tulsi Bhawan. Participation fee and admit card details will also be provided by him. He may also be contacted on phone number 0657-2249017.

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