Thursday, May 26, 2022

Kadma Shiv Path residents complain of car parking on main road

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Jamshedpur, Jan 16: Bhatia Basti’s Shiv Path residents had a grudge to grind when they complained of Renuka Apartment residents parking their cars haphazardly on the main road that caused several problems for the Shiv Path residents. They claimed the Renuka Apartment residents had been resorting to illegal parking that led to narrowing of the main road. They also stated that many residents of the housing complex parked their vehicles at the Bal Vidya School gate that added to the woes of students, teachers and staff of the school.

The Bhatia Basti Shiv Path residents stated that they had urged Renuka Apartment residents not to park their vehicles on the main road but the request was overlooked and instead, abused the Shiv Path residents. One such harassed resident said, “Suppose, during times of contingency like fire or taking someone to the hospital and other urgent issues, it would be impossible to negotiate the illegal parking of cars of Renuka Apartment residents. It is impossible for ambulances and fire brigade vehicles to reach the Shiv Path residents in times of need.”

Echoing the Shiv Path resident’s grievance, another person suggested that it was time for the administration to take stock of the situation and resolve this issue of haphazard car parking resorted to by the Renuka Apartment residents.

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